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Map of the Mexican Ranchos of Alta California.

Enjoy Mexican Cuisine at Sausal El Segundo

One of the Best El Segundo Restaurants

What’s in a name?

SAUSAL (saw-oo-SAL) = Willow (in Old Spanish vernacular)


SAUSAL is named after Rancho Sausal Redondo [Round Willow Ranch], the vast farmstead that once encompassed El Segundo and most of L.A.’s  South Bay.


The name SAUSAL honors the deep multi-cultural palate of Southern California. Our menu borrows inspiration from the foundational elements of Rancho cooking: Wood Fire, Smoke, and Slow-Roasting. It celebrates the bold flavors of Mexican cuisine, and just as importantly, it revels in our contemporary farmers’ market bounty – where fresh vegetables and produce are given a more prominent place at the table.

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Celebrate Mexican Food With Us

 at Sausal el Segundo

At Sausal, we offer a taste-bud tantalizing, doors-thrown-open-to-the-air experience, aaaaaaannnnd we have FUN doing it! 


A wood-burning hearth oven is the centerpiece of our kitchen – providing the signature smoke, char, and caramelized roastiness to our big-flavored dishes. All of our offerings – from the freshly-griddled tortillas to the hearth-roasted meats for our street tacos – from the fruit-saturated sangrias to the unsurpassed scratch margaritas – everything is consciously designed to pack a bold and celebratory punch.


Sausal is South Bay-friendly. We offer genuine hospitality – and a soulful, chef-driven menu. We believe that Mexican-inspired cuisine is THE comfort food of Southern California. Hands down.